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Located in the Ridge and Valley Province of eastern West Virginia, we are family owned and operated. We have been here since 1976, and have been producing locally grown, naturally raised lamb since 1983. We also offer a limited number of horses and child's ponies for sale. We emphasize disposition and safety in our horses.

Our ewes are pastured year round, except a few weeks during lambing season. Although not certified organic, our lambs receive no routine antibiotics, growth hormones, or other feed additives. They are raised solely on our own pasture (which is never treated with pesticides or herbicides), supplemented with locally grown corn and, occasionally, soybean meal. Lambs raised this way grow out more slowly and with less stress, which results in a superior product. We receive consistent rave reviews from our customers. We have sold almost exclusively by word of mouth, and have had some of the same customers for 25+ years. For those interested in Community Supported Agriculture, a "standing order agreement" can be arranged. 



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Owners, Geoff and Betsy Green
RT 1 Box 79A
Burlington, WV 26710
(304) 289-3565