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  • locally grown on a family farm
  • extra lean
  • no feed additives
  • pastured year-round


Our lamb is produced on our family farm West Virginia, primarily on pasture,avoiding all use of routine antibiotics, growth enhancing hormones, or chemical feed additives.
Unlike commercial meats available in the super markets, our product is not raised in overcrowded feed lots. This eliminates the need for many less wholesome practices, such as the use of medicated feeds.  Because of its diet, our lamb has considerably less fat than commercially produced meat. It is also very tender, with a mild flavor.


We are not a meat packer but we can arrange butchering for our customers, at a local meat market. 
They will custom cut, vacuum pack, and freeze your meat for your.  The customer receives a bill from us, 
for the lamb, and one from the meat market, for the processing. 
Visit our good neighbors at  for more info about this.
The "dressed weight" of our lambs is usually between 50 and 60 pounds.  The actual weight of the meat you receive, of course, will vary some from that, based on how it is cut and trimmed. You will find that most
of your pirchase is made up of the better cuts - roasts and chops.  The meat that should be ground
or used for stewmeat is a comparatively small percentage.
  • Whole lamb = $200.00 
  •                         $90.00 for processing.
  • 1/2 lamb    =     $100.00
  •                         $45.00 for processing
  • a $35 discount is available with "standing order agreement"
  • lambs are usually available between July and December, but we accept orders anytime 
  • contact us for more information, or to place an order 

Owners, Geoff and Betsy Green
RT 1 Box 79A
Burlington, WV 26710
(304) 289-3565